Contracting Services

GPS Resource Mapping

Sustainable Solutions is using the latest in mapping grade GPS units to provide real time natural resource infrastructure mapping.  Roads, streams, buffers, crossings, trails, wetlands, forest stands, culverts, habitat types are all valuable assets. Features and their attributes are collected in the field, post processed in the office to increase accuracy, and added to the base map of your choice.  Field collected, office approved.  From 1 acre to 10,000 acres, we can map your world.

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Prescribed Fire

Prescribed fire is an effective tool for managing ecosystem health, improving wildlife habitats, preventing catastrophic wildfires, improves access and aesthetics, preparing sites for seeding or planting, controlling insects and disease, improving forage, and perpetuating fire dependent species. We use careful planning, specialized equipment, and trained personnel to deliver our prescribed fire clients a safe prescribed fire operation from start to finish.

We are fully trained in safe prescribed fire operations, certified in Maryland and Virginia (#480), and fully insured for prescribed fire implementation.

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Natural Resource Monitoring

Using the latest methodology and mapping grade GPS units to located, verify, and record the conditions of any natural resource element within a project area. 

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Conservation Contracting™

Have a ground based need?  Our Conservation Contracting™ crew can handle it.  We provide turnkey implementation of any farm or forest project.

Contact us today for any of the following services.

  1. Boundary line marking
  2. Invasive species control
  3. Forest Inventories
  4. Forest Thinning
  5. Tree Planting
  6. Warm Season grass planting
  7. Riparian Buffer establishment & management
  8. Timber Stand Improvements
  9. Wetland delineations
  10. Wetland mitigation
  11. Road and Trail layout and maintenance
  12. Best Management Practices
  13. Gate Installation
  14. Forestry mowing (for clearing out over grown areas, creating fire breaks, right of way maintenance, mechanically reducing hazardous fuels)
  15. Fire line Installation (we use USFS approved Minimum Impact Supression Techniques to install lines that will safely hold the fire, without adversely impacting the site.
  16. Wildlife food plots
  17. Hazardous fuel reductions

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1 : capable of being sustained

2 a : of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged
<sustainable techniques>
<sustainable agriculture>
<sustainable forestry>

b : of or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods
<sustainable society>



1 a : an action or process of solving a problem

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