Land Management Plans

Natural Resources. Forests, Streams, Wetlands.  Complex natural systems.  Managing them sustainably requires careful and comprehensive planning from the ground up.  Sustainable Solutions provides landowners, investors, non profits, land trusts, and agencies comprehensive forest and land management plans for any property type.

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Natural Resource Maps & Data

Our experienced field crews use GPS enabled field computers to collect field data from any site.  We then use the data to summarize the field work into a detailed site document that outlines the condition and location of the sites unique habitat. Our natural resource inventory and mapping services include wetland delineations, timber cruises, and forest stand delineations.  In addition, we can work with clients to design an inventory method that collects field data specific to their individual needs, such as trails, wildlife habitat, springs, and other unique features. Contact us now for Maps of your land.

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Fire Management Plans

Comprehensive Fire management plans offer a complete look at the role of fire from a landscape level.  We research and analyze the selected sites general background, fire environment (climate, fuels, fire history) historic fire regime, and fire management justification.  These are then used to summarize the sites fire management goals, and to develop a comprehensive fire regime proposal.

Fire management plans also include fire management constraints and contingencies, smoke management, neighborhood and community factors, and detailed burn plans for implementing prescribed fire operations.

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Prescribed Burn Plans

Successful prescribed fire operations start with a detailed burn plan.  These written burn plans include: burn objectives, necessary weather and fuel conditions, firing techniques, anticipated fire behavior, fire line location and construction, smoke management, personnel requirements, local contacts for notification, and contingency plans. These prescribed burn plans are an essential step in the fire process. The plan also includes a detailed GIS map showing all control lines, roads, drafting points, and safety zones. Our professional plans capture all of the required information for both burn implementation and permitting through the respective agencies. The completed plan is submitted to the State agencies for approval. Contact us to get a Prescribed Burn Plan now. 

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1 : capable of being sustained

2 a : of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged
<sustainable techniques>
<sustainable agriculture>
<sustainable forestry>

b : of or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods
<sustainable society>



1 a : an action or process of solving a problem

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